Read this eBook to explore the evolution of cloud data lakes from traditional data warehouses to data lakes and the separation of compute and data. Data has emerged as one of the key assets of every company and exists as its own separate tier within an organization’s architecture.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How emerging open source projects like Apache Iceberg and Project Nessie are bringing transactions, data mutations, time travel and even a git-like experience to cloud data lakes on Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).
  • How these open source innovations have resulted in data essentially becoming its own tier, enabling us to think about data architectures in a completely revolutionary way.
  • How this completely new, loosely coupled, open data architecture doesn’t just separate the compute from the storage, but actually separates the compute from the data.
  • How your organization can achieve immense benefits from this new architectural design.