The modern enterprise is fueled by data. Businesses today compete on their ability to turn big data into essential business insights. Cloud data lakes have become the new system of record. However, the previous iterations of data architecture involved creating and managing many disconnected copies of data. Disconnected copies of data are the key obstacle to making data available to data consumers — they lead to astronomical costs, slow down time to value and make security and governance difficult because of inconsistencies and the inability to easily determine and control who has access to a dataset.

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  • How to cut through the confusion, and gain guidance on how to evaluate cloud data lake query engines that span the gamut of big data insights and analytics use cases from BI to AI
  • Explores the key questions to ask in the areas of architecture and technology, use cases, data stores and BI tools support, self-service analytics support, cloud service and financial governance, security and data governance, and implementation/support/success